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At HTS Online, we believe that teaching is a vocation, not a job.

Our teachers and staff take immense pride in encouraging, challenging and inspiring students to live and learn to their full potential.

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Head of School

Helen Pereira-Raso

Helen Pereira-Raso has dedicated her career to inspiring students to be creative, engaged and curious learners who are fully prepared for life. In her role as Head of School at Holy Trinity School (HTS) and HTS Online, Helen brings a forward- thinking, progressive approach to education that is the foundation for HTS’s reputation as leaders in learning.

Helen’s career as an educational leader has always focussed on what matters most — developing a school culture in which all learners, adult and young alike, are able to explore, create and learn in meaningful ways. She is committed to professional learning as essential in the journey of educators and has led workshops globally. A visionary leader, Helen has been instrumental in building the HTS Learning Network ensuring all learners, adult and young, thrive. Her leadership and innovative approaches, combined with her passion and commitment to developing learning environments that inspire all learners, are what drive her life’s work.

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